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Led by Dr. Alejandro Bertolet, our lab focuses on modeling biology and dosimetry for radiopharmaceutical therapy and, in general, radiotherapy treatments
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Alejandro Bertolet, PhD

Head, Assistant Professor of Radiation Oncology

FOCUS: Radiation biology, Radiopharmaceutical therapy, Mechanistic modeling

Permanent Members

Carlos Huesa-Berral, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

FOCUS: Microsphere transarterial radioembolization

Victor Valladolid-Onecha, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

FOCUS: Monte Carlo SPECT

Jesús Bosque, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

FOCUS: Mathematical oncology, modeling

Mislav Bobić, PhD

Medical Physics Resident

FOCUS: Liver vasculature personalization for microsphere transarterial radioembolization


Gerardo Julián Ramírez Nava, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow, Tecnológico de Monterrey

FOCUS: Dosimetry for 177Lu treatments

Zakiya Williams

Undergraduate Student – Howard University

FOCUS: Dosimetry for 161Tb treatments

Alex Culver

Undergraduate Student – Loyola University Chicago

FOCUS: Simulations of damage to vasculature

David Miao

Undergraduate Student – University of Toronto

FOCUS: Monte Carlo simulations

PAST Members

Louis Kunz

M.Sc. Student – ETH Zürich (Switzerland)

FOCUS: Tumor dynamics and radiation response

Jack Terry

Undergrad Student – Auburn University

FOCUS: Microscale dose distributions

José A. López-Valverde

Ph.D. Student – Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

FOCUS: Radiosensitizer nanoparticles

Héctor Miras

Ph.D. Student – Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

FOCUS: Monte Carlo simulations, nanoparticles

Seohan Kim

M.Sc. Student -Catholic University of Korea (South Korea)

FOCUS: Diffusive alpha-particle radiotherapy

Daniel Suárez

Ph.D. Student – Universidad de Sevilla (Spain)

FOCUS: Microdosimetric simulations

MJ Lindsey

Undergrad Student – Claremont McKenna College

FOCUS: Biologically weighted dose in Y90 treatments

Ben Edwards

Research Assistant

FOCUS: DNA repair after alpha-particle RPT

Our Research

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The Physics Division Labs

Paganetti Lab

Head: Harald Paganetti, PhD

Research Areas: Proton Therapy & Immune Response

Schuemann Lab

Head: Jan Schuemann, PhD

Research Areas: Monte Carlo & FLASH

Chamseddine Lab

Head: Ibrahim Chamseddine, PhD

Research Areas: Outcome & Machine learning

Nesteruk Lab

Head: Konrad Nesteruk, PhD

Research Area: R&D in Particle Therapy

Optimization Lab

Head: Thomas Bortfeld, PhD

Research Areas: Optimization in RadOnc


Head: Yi Wang, PhD

Research Area: Artificial Intelligence in RadOnc

Proton Dosimetry & Verification

Head: Joost Verburg, PhD

Research Area: Proton




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