Three Travel Awards from the Radiation Research Society

Our lab has received three Travel Awards to attend the 2023 International Congress for Radiation Research to be held in Montreal on August 27-30. Alejandro Bertolet has received one in the category of Early Career Investigator (ECI), whereas Carlos Huesa-Berral and Louis Kunz have received two trainee awards for their top-scored abstracts on the MIDOS model for dosimetry in microsphere radiotherapy; and the AMBER model to simulate tumor evolution, respectively. Additionally, Louis Kunz will be able to present his outstanding work in a talk.

Our Physics Research group also received excellent news! Ibrahim Chamseddine also received a Travel Award and one of the best-scored abstracts which he will present there, and Keyur Shah and Isaac Meyer also will have oral presentations. Congratulations to all of them!

See you all in Montreal!

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