Jesús Bosque, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Member of the lab: December 2023 –

About me: I am a postdoctoral fellow at the b-lab, specializing in the mathematical and computational modeling of biological processes. My research focuses on the modeling of cancer and its treatments. I earned my Ph.D. in December 2022 in the Mathematical Oncology Laboratory (MOLAB) at the University of Castilla-La Mancha, where I continued as a postdoc until November 2023. During my thesis, I utilized positron emission tomography (PET) data from patients and mathematical models to study how energy allocation, temperature, and oxygen availability affect cancer. In my subsequent postdoc, I concentrated on the in silico design of clinical trials. I perceive science as a multidisciplinary and collaborative effort, and I am eager to produce innovative research with real-world impact.

Research Interests: My current research interests involve using mechanistic mathematical modeling and computational tools to gain insight into cutting-edge cancer treatments. Specifically, I am interested in the study of radiopharmaceuticals and photon and proton external beam radiotherapy. This research is always intertwined with real-world data, and therefore, I am keen on collaborating with biology and medicine experimentalists. Moreover, advancements in the effects of ionizing radiation are closely linked to progress in our understanding of cancer biology. For that reason, I am highly interested in basic cancer science, encompassing topics such as tumor vasculature, phenotypic changes, or the interaction with immune cells.

Awards and Honors

  • Travel award in the 12th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ECMTB 2022).
  • Excellence Award for the best academic record among Engineering graduates.


  • Delobel T, Ayala-Hernández LE, Bosque JJ, Pérez-Beteta J, Chulián S, García-Ferrer M, Piñero P, Schucht P, Murek M, Pérez-García VM (2023) Overcoming chemotherapy resistance in low-grade gliomas: A computational approach. PLOS Comp Bio 19(11): e1011208,
  • Bosque JJ,Calvo GF, Molina-García D, Pérez-Beteta J, García-Vicente AM, Pérez-García VM (2023) Metabolic activity grows in human cancers pushed by phenotypic variability. iScience 26(3), 106118,
  • Bosque JJ,Calvo GF, Navarro MC (2022) Modelling the effect of vascular status on tumour evolution and outcome after thermal therapy. Appl Math Model 110, 207-240,
  • García-Vicente AM, Pérez-Beteta J,  Bosque JJ,Soriano Castrejón ÁM, Pérez-García VM  (2022) Multiple and diffuse gliomas by 18F-Fluorocholine PET/CT: Two sides of the same coin. Clin Nucl Med, 47(6), e457-e465,
  • Jiménez Londoño GA, García-Vicente AM, Bosque JJ,Amo-Salas M, Pérez-Beteta J, Honguero-Martinez AF, Pérez‑García VM, Soriano Castrejón ÁM (2022) SUVmax to tumor perimeter distance: a robust radiomics prognostic biomarker in resectable non-small cell lung cancer patients. Eur Radiol, 32, 3889-3902,
  • Jiménez-Sánchez J, Bosque JJ,  Jiménez Londoño GA, Molina-García D, Martínez A, Pérez-Beteta J, Ortega-Sabater C, Honguero Martínez AF, García Vicente AM, Calvo GF, Pérez-García VM (2021) Evolutionary dynamics at the tumor edge reveal metabolic imaging biomarkers. PNAS, 118(6) e2018110118,
  • Bosque JJ,Calvo GF, Pérez-García VM, Navarro MC (2021) The interplay of blood flow and temperature in regional hyperthermia: A mathematical approach. R Soc Open Sci, 8(1), 201234,
  • Pérez-García VM, Calvo GF, Bosque JJ,León-Triana O, Jiménez J, Pérez-Beteta J, Belmonte-Beitia J, Valiente M, Zhu L, García-Gómez P, Sánchez-Gómez P, Hernández-San Miguel E, Horigüela R, Azimzade Y, Molina-García D, Martínez A, Acosta Rojas A, Ortiz de Mendivil A, Vallette F, Schucht P, Murek M, Pérez-Cano M, Albillo D, Honguero Martínez AF, Jiménez-Londoño GA, Arana E, García Vicente AM (2020) Universal scaling laws rule explosive growth in human cancers. Nat Phys, 16(12), 1232-1237,
  • Jiménez Londoño GA, Pérez-Beteta J,  Bosque JJ,Honguero-Martinez AF, García-Vicente AM. (2020) Segmentation in non–small cell lung tumors using 18F-FDG PET/CT: tips and rules. Clin Nucl Med, 45(11), e477-e482,

Conference talks

  • Bosque JJ. Mathematical modelling of the hotspot of metabolic activity in cancer patients. Spanish-Polish mathematical meeting. Lódz (Poland) 4 September 2023.
  • Bosque JJ. Less is more in glioma treatment: In silico and in vivo evidence towards a clinical trial. Society for Mathematical Biology Annual Meeting – 2023 (SMB 2023). Columbus, Ohio (USA) 19 July 2023.
  • Bosque JJ. Simple topological and geometrical metrics for cancer diagnostic and prognosis. 12th European Conference on Mathematical and Theoretical Biology. Heidelberg (Germany) 20 September 2022.
  • Bosque JJ. Modelling key processes in hyperthermia treatment of cancer. CEDYA/CMA 2020 (26th congress of differential equations and applications). Gijón (Spain) 14-18 June 2021.
  • Bosque JJ. Evolutionary dynamics rules the spatio-temporal metabolic activity in human cancer: Prognostic implications. 4th Nuclear Technologies for Health Symposium, NTHS2020. Nantes (France) 13-14 February 2020.
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